The Board of Directors of Angel One Limited, in its meeting on April 17, 2024, has given approval to the Audited Standalone and Consolidated Financial Results of the Company for the quarter and financial year concluding on March 31, 2024.

Angel One Limited consolidated financial results for the quarter ended 31 March 2024

All Numbers are in
Rs Millions except EPS
Quarter Ended
Quarter Ended
Quarter Ended
Total Income13,585.3710,608.428,310.85
Total Expenses8,997.517,098.034,694.81
Profit/ (loss) before tax4,587.863,510.393,616.04
Net Profit after tax3,399.422,603.092,669.12
EPS( basic )40.4831.0232.00

Angel One Limited Key Financial Information As at year ended 31 March 2024

  • Debt Equity Ratio – 0.83 Times ;Debt Equity Ratio= Debt( Borrowings (other than debt securities)+ Debt securities)/ Equity ( Equity share capital+ Other equity)
  • Net worth – 30,386.03 Million Rupees
  • Net Profit after tax – 11,255.89 Million Rupees
  • Operating Margin (%) – 35.44%
  • Net profit Margin (%) – 26.35%

The financial assets of the company as of March 31, 2024, include cash and cash equivalents totaling ₹1,042.985 crore, bank balances other than cash and cash equivalents amounting to ₹8,801.309 crore, trade receivables valued at ₹486.947 crore, loans totaling ₹1,484.123 crore, and other financial assets totaling ₹850.959 crore. Non-financial assets consist of current tax assets (Net) of ₹0.0072 crore, investment property valued at ₹0.0032 crore, property, plant, and equipment amounting to ₹350.731 crore, right of use assets totaling ₹0.005554 crore, intangible assets of ₹4.927 crore, and other non-financial assets totaling ₹170.757 crore. The total assets stand at ₹13,253.733 crore.

On the liabilities side, financial liabilities include trade payables, with outstanding dues of micro-enterprises and small enterprises at ₹0.004598 crore, and creditors other than micro-enterprises and small enterprises at ₹7,192.382 crore, debt securities amounting to ₹133.056 crore, borrowings other than debt securities totaling ₹2,402.283 crore, lease liabilities of ₹0.005783 crore, and other financial liabilities of ₹400.535 crore. Non-financial liabilities encompass current tax liabilities (Net) of ₹0.000192 crore, provisions totaling ₹0.022588 crore, deferred tax liabilities (Net) amounting to ₹0.01601 crore, and other non-financial liabilities of ₹0.037703 crore. The equity section includes equity share capital of ₹0.84008 crore and other equity of ₹2,954.595 crore, bringing the total liabilities and equity to ₹13,253.733 crore.


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