AXISCADES Technologies Ltd, a prominent technology and engineering solutions provider, has announced the initiation of the delivery process for a significant quantity of Man Portable Counter Drone Systems (MPCDS) to the Indian Army.

This contract represents a significant milestone for AXISCADES as it commences the delivery of these pioneering systems, the first of their kind to be incorporated into the Indian Defence Forces.

Developed by AXISCADES, the Man Portable Counter Drone System (MPCDS) emerges as a transformative asset in India’s defense capabilities. Distinguished by its unique design and entirely indigenous production, the MPCDS is compact, portable, and adaptable for both battery and mains power operation.

Encompassing multiple frequency spectrums, including Command & Control and Navigation, the system possesses the capability to detect and disrupt a diverse range of drones within a radius of up to 5 kilometers.

Mr. Arun Krishnamurthi, CEO of AXISCADES, hailed the delivery of Man Portable Counter Drone Systems to the Indian Army as a milestone in advancing indigenous military technology. These systems, the first in their category, will enhance defense capabilities. AXISCADES aims to continue innovating, meeting evolving defense needs and fostering self-reliance in India’s defense engineering.

The Indian Ministry of Defence plans to boost Counter UAV capabilities, presenting an estimated Rs. 3,000 crores opportunity over five years. AXISCADES, with its C-UAV solutions, is positioned to capitalize on both domestic and global markets.


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