Mumbai: – Phantom Digital Effects Limited (NSE – PHANTOMFX), a leadingvisual effects (VFX) studio, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone with the global success of the sci-fi phenomenon “Ayalaan.” Released on January 12, 2024, the film has not only captured the hearts of audiences worldwide but has also redefined the standards for the Indian film industry. The film’s extraordinary success is attributed to its groundbreaking visual effects (VFX) and computer graphics (CGI), setting a new standard for the Indian film industry.

  • Phantom Digital Effects Limited, the innovative force behind “Ayalaan,” has established a groundbreaking industry benchmark by successfully delivering over 4500 VFX shots. This accomplishment not only highlights the studio’s exceptional technical expertise but also represents a pivotal moment for Indian cinema, elevating its status on the global stage as a center for avant-garde visual storytelling.
  • Within a mere four days of its release, “Ayalaan” has achieved a remarkable global box office revenue, surpassing the 50+ crores milestone. The film’s triumph resonates with its widespread acclaim, as audiences across the globe praise its captivating storytelling, exceptional visual effects, and the outstanding contribution of Phantom Digital Effects Limited

About Phantom Digital Effects Limited:

  • Founded in 2016, Phantom Digital Effects Limited (PHANTOMFX) is a dynamic visual effects (VFX) studio with expertise in film, web series, and commercial projects. Operating from cutting-edge facilities in strategic locations across India, including Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad, the studio ensures TPN compliance and certification.
  • Additionally, the company has a wholly owned subsidiary in the UK and maintains administrative and liaison offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Montreal, and Dubai. This expansive setup enables PhantomFX to facilitate smooth coordination with clients across various time zones.
  • Phantom Digital Effects Limited boasts a dedicated team of over 650 passionate and skilled artists, which includes seasoned supervisors and project management professionals.
  • This committed team is determined to surpass client expectations in terms of both quality and timely delivery. Prioritizing creative excellence, PhantomFX’s core team, well-versed in the latest industry skill sets, works tirelessly to achieve perfection. The company has achieved success in completing over 500 projects.

Phantom Digital Effects Limited was listed on the NSE Emerge platform in October 2022. For the fiscal year 2022-2023, the company disclosed impressive financial figures, with total revenues reaching ₹58.74 crore, an EBITDA of ₹23.42 crore, and a Profit After Tax (PAT) of ₹16.20 crore.


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