Mumbai , India : Basilic Fly Studio Limited (BFS), a leading visual effects (VFX) studio announced a significant increase in new projects originating from North America. Here are the highlights from some of the major new projects

  • Science Fiction Epic: Directed by a renowned figure in Hollywood, this movie is set in a futuristic universe, exploring advanced technology, space travel, and extraterrestrial civilizations. It marks the third installment of a groundbreaking series known for its stunning visuals and compelling storytelling, addressing themes of environmentalism, indigenous culture, and colonization impact. The film’s innovative use of technology has redefined cinematic experiences, setting new standards for visual effects and 3D filmmaking.
  • Action-Comedy Sci-Fi: A highly anticipated superhero movie directed by a seasoned Canadian filmmaker and actor promises an exhilarating cinematic adventure, generating significant excitement with its trailer release.
  • Franchise Spin-off/Prequel: Contributing to a popular franchise with both spin-off and prequel elements, BFS’s involvement is set to push creative boundaries and captivate global audiences.
  • Docudrama Series: Collaborating with a BAFTA-winning director known for work with Discovery Channel and National Geographic, BFS is set to mesmerize audiences with a series blending classic western allure with a captivating space opera twist.
  • High-Fantasy American Series: As part of the eagerly awaited third season of a beloved series based on a cherished fantasy book series, BFS’s involvement promises to enchant viewers with its intricate narrative of magic and destiny.
  • International Film Awards Contender: Featuring a BAFTA Award-winning Scottish actress, BFS is engaged in a deeply personal drama poised for international acclaim.
  • Family-Friendly Franchise: Contributing to the third installment of a beloved family-friendly franchise distributed by Paramount Pictures, BFS continues to charm audiences old and new.
  • Serene Drama/Romance: Involved in a project offering tranquil drama and romance against vast skies, from the renowned Warner Bros. studio.
  • Furthermore, BFS is expanding its project portfolio with ventures from emerging markets like Italy, Spain, and France, alongside a surge in projects from established North American markets following the resolution of the writers’ strike.
  • This growth underscores BFS’s expanding presence in both emerging and established markets, demonstrating its capacity to adapt and thrive in the dynamic entertainment industry landscape. Committed to pushing creative boundaries and fostering global partnerships, Basilic Fly Studios Limited remains at the forefront of the global entertainment industry. The recent influx of projects from Italy, Spain, and France, in their native languages, highlights the company’s ability to attract collaborations with industry giants and esteemed talent from diverse regions.

About Basilic Fly Studios Limited :

  • Founded in 2016, Basilic Fly Studio (BFS) is a prominent visual effects (VFX) studio headquartered in Chennai, India, with subsidiaries in Canada and the UK. Specializing in crafting immersive visual experiences, BFS has garnered extensive expertise in pushing creative and technological boundaries to deliver outstanding VFX solutions for a wide array of media, including movies, TV shows, web series, and commercials.
  • Recognized for its exceptional quality and dedication to embracing cutting-edge technology, BFS has risen to prominence as a leader in the VFX industry. Its team of talented artists is renowned for their excellence, serving clients across diverse industries and geographical regions. The studio’s work spans various platforms and applications, ensuring meticulous attention to detail in every project.
  • From its humble beginnings in an 800 square foot workspace with a handful of employees, BFS has achieved significant milestones. Today, it stands as a hub for top industry talent from India and beyond. With a portfolio boasting over 10,000 completed projects, BFS has collaborated with more than 300 clients, contributing to 900 movies, 2,000 series, and 8,000 commercials. With a dedicated team of 450 professionals, BFS serves clients globally, operating from offices in Chennai, Pune, London, and Vancouver.
  • Fueled by robust growth prospects, BFS is poised to inaugurate two new specialized facilities in India. Additionally, it aims for international expansion, targeting markets in Europe and South Korea.
  • In the fiscal year 2023, BFS achieved total revenues of ₹ 79 crore, with an EBITDA of ₹ 39 crore and a net profit of ₹ 28 crore. As BFS continues its pursuit of excellence, its ambitious vision ensures its continued leadership in the dynamic VFX industry landscape.

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