DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations Limited, a prominent provider of drone solutions, is excited to announce the acquisition of a supply order for drone controllers from the esteemed Northern Command. This contract marks a significant achievement for DroneAcharya as it continues its endeavors to bolster defense efforts and contribute to national security.

The procurement of drone controllers by the Northern Command underscores the trust and confidence placed in DroneAcharya’s proficiency and capabilities in delivering advanced technological solutions for defense purposes. These controllers, provided by DroneAcharya, are meticulously designed to meet the demanding requirements of defense operations, ensuring reliability, performance, and seamless integration with existing defense infrastructure.

Mr. Prateek Srivastava, Founder and Managing Director of DroneAcharya, expressed, “This contract underscores our unwavering commitment to strengthening defense initiatives. We are honored to play a part in enhancing national security by deploying cutting-edge drone technology within the esteemed Northern Command.”

DroneAcharya remains steadfast in its commitment to providing solutions that align with the evolving needs of defense and security agencies. The procurement by the Northern Command stands as a testament to DroneAcharya’s dedication to excellence and its pivotal role in supporting defense initiatives.


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