New Delhi : EaseMyTrip, a prominent travel technology platform in India, has revealed a strategic collaboration with Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services Limited, a SaaS FinTech company offering spend management products and solutions to corporates. Together, they aim to provide integrated travel and expense management solutions. EaseMyTrip’s corporate clients will now enjoy seamless access to Zaggle’s EMS platform, offering end-to-end travel and expense management solutions. This includes everything from booking flights, hotels, and other travel arrangements to efficiently managing the expense process incurred during travel.

The integration of travel booking functionality with expense reporting capabilities through this partnership results in a streamlined workflow, ensures compliance with corporate policies, and provides real-time visibility into travel expenditure. There exists a strong correlation between corporate travel and the need for robust expense management solutions. This is evident as corporate travel drives demand with increased travel volume and a focus on cost control. Furthermore, there is a growing emphasis on improving the traveler experience through modern expense management solutions offering user-friendly interfaces, mobile apps, and automated processes. These advancements streamline expense reporting and enhance the overall travel experience for employees.

Expense management solutions play a crucial role in facilitating travel by ensuring policy compliance, providing centralized visibility, enhancing efficiency and automation, and offering data-driven insights. The integration of Travel and Expense (T&E) systems enables seamless data transfer between booking platforms and expense management systems, thus further streamlining the process. As corporate travel continues to rise, the adoption of expense management solutions increases accordingly. In turn, Expense Management Systems (EMS) empower companies to effectively manage travel expenses, optimize travel programs, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

Industry estimates project that the total expenditure made by Indian travelers will reach $410 billion by 2030, positioning India as the fourth largest global spender. This represents a significant 173% increase compared to the pre-COVID period in 2019. Given this substantial growth, both EaseMyTrip and Zaggle are strategically positioned to capitalize on this burgeoning market opportunity.



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