San Jose | London | Bengaluru : Happiest Minds Technologies Limited has revealed its participation in the Secureworks Global MSSP Partner program. This move comes in response to the increasing customer need for Extended Detection and Response (XDR) services worldwide.

As organizations across various sectors grapple with numerous cybersecurity challenges in their efforts to effectively manage cyber risks, one of the most significant issues is the rapidly decreasing dwell times, now averaging less than 24 hours. This emphasizes the crucial importance of response speed. However, the cybersecurity field is currently facing a severe skills shortage, which hampers security teams’ ability to expand and achieve the necessary outcomes for businesses. Through collaboration with Secureworks (NASDAQ: SCWX), Happiest Minds enables organizations to strengthen their cyber defenses, enhance cyber resilience, and swiftly respond to multiple threats across an expanding attack surface, safeguarding all IT assets both now and in the future.

Happiest Minds’ proficiency in providing customized cybersecurity solutions across various sectors, coupled with the advanced capabilities of the Taegis XDR platform in ensuring the future readiness of security operations, results in unparalleled Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services.

These services offer tangible benefits including:

  • Efficient detection of unknown and sophisticated threats, accompanied by in-depth insights into malicious activities.
  • Delivers a comprehensive overview of threats spanning endpoints, network, and cloud data, offering accelerated ROI visibility.
  • Personalized interactive central dashboard featuring online reporting, ensuring unparalleled visibility into the threat landscape.
  • Expedited response times facilitated by integrated SOAR capabilities and a vast array of pre-configured playbooks for commonly utilized response actions.

Following its initial analysis, Happiest Minds foresees its customers enjoying a 90% decrease in both meantime to detect and meantime to respond through the incorporation of next-generation SOAR capabilities. Additionally, a 60% reduction in remediation team effort is expected through customized workflow-based automation.

Chris Bell, VP of Corporate Development and Strategy at Secureworks, commented, “Happiest Minds collaborates with some of the most innovative brands globally, prioritizing the reduction of cyber risk through advanced solutions. Through the synergy of Happiest Minds’ next-generation automation platform and Taegis, we aim to provide superior detection and unparalleled response capabilities, leveraging extensive threat data, AI, and human intelligence. Together, these components will enhance cyber defenses and significantly diminish organizational risk for our customers.”




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