London : Happiest Minds Technologies Limited , a company defined by its digital and agile ethos, has revealed a significant collaboration with Soroco, an artificial intelligence firm.

  • By teaming up with Soroco, Happiest Minds introduces intelligence into the realm of automation discovery through process and task mining. Drawing on Soroco’s leading Scout AI model, which creates a work graph detailing concealed challenges encountered by teams and their repercussions on business objectives, along with their collective proficiency in graph technology and digital automation solutions, this collaboration aims to assist organizations in tackling intricate business dilemmas, fostering data-informed decision-making, enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and ultimately uncovering, monitoring, and enhancing their operational processes.
  • Samson David, CEO of Soroco, expressed his satisfaction in announcing this strategic partnership with Happiest Minds. He highlighted Happiest Minds’ proficiency in digital transformation, which harmonizes seamlessly with customers who utilize Soroco’s Scout AI model to attain unmatched insight into operational challenges. David emphasized that this collaboration empowers both entities to deliver outstanding enterprise results, including revenue growth, cost reduction, improved experiences, and risk management.

About Soroco :

  • Soroco is dedicated to revolutionizing how work is accomplished worldwide. Fueled by numerous patents, its flagship product, the Scout AI model, constructs a work graph—an illustration of the unseen challenges teams encounter in their work and their impact on business results.
  • Presently, this graph propels productivity enhancements across hundreds of global organizations, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. Soroco has garnered recognition in esteemed publications such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Fortune, and was acknowledged in Bloomberg’s compilation of influential concepts in 2022.
  • Founded by alumni from prestigious institutions like Harvard, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon, Soroco operates in Boston, London, and Bangalore.

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