India : Hindustan Aeronautics Limited has finalized a contract today for the manufacturing and supply of RD-33 Aero Engines intended for MiG-29 aircraft. The total cost of this contract amounts to Rs. 5,249.72 Crore.

These Aero Engines, procured through the signed contract, are expected to effectively address the operational needs of the Indian Air Force (IAF), ensuring the continued readiness and performance of the MiG-29 fleet for the remainder of its service life. Manufactured under the Transfer of Technology (TOT) agreement with the Russian Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), these engines represent a significant step towards enhancing indigenous capabilities in aerospace manufacturing.

The program will not only focus on the production and supply of these engines but will also emphasize the localization of critical components. By prioritizing indigenization efforts, the aim is to reduce dependence on imports and bolster domestic capabilities in high-value aerospace manufacturing. This strategic approach is poised to enhance self-reliance in the defense sector while fostering technological advancements and skill development within the Indian aerospace industry.

Furthermore, the indigenization of key components will facilitate increased indigenous content in future Repair and Overhaul (ROH) activities related to RD-33 aero engines. This initiative aligns with the broader goal of promoting self-sufficiency and enhancing the sustainability of defense operations. Through collaborative efforts and technology transfer, this endeavor represents a significant milestone in India’s journey towards achieving autonomy and excellence in aerospace manufacturing and defense production.


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