Kalpataru Projects International Limited (KPIL), among the leading Engineering & Construction firms listed in India, together with its Joint Ventures (JVs) and international subsidiaries, has secured new orders/awards amounting to ₹2,071 Crores. The breakdown of these recent orders includes ventures in the Transmission & Distribution (T&D) sector in overseas markets and a project involving the design and construction of an underground metro rail system in India.

Manish Mohnot, the Managing Director & CEO of KPIL, expressed satisfaction with these recent wins, underscoring the positive outlook for the T&D and Urban Infrastructure segments. He highlighted the significance of the T&D contracts in Brazil and the metro rail-tunnelling project in India, which contribute substantially to the growth prospects of the Fasttel and Urban Infrastructure divisions.

KPIL’s order intake for the current fiscal year has reached a record high of approximately ₹30,000 Crores, including significant wins in T&D, B&F, Oil & Gas, and Urban Infrastructure sectors. This milestone reflects the culmination of concerted efforts over several years to expand into high-growth EPC markets, foster strong client relationships, and deepen involvement in targeted business areas, supported by robust technical expertise and execution capabilities. With a solid order book and established execution prowess, KPIL is confident in achieving substantial growth moving forward.


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