Munich, Germany : LTIMindtree, a global company that provides technology consulting and digital solutions, has teamed up with Vodafone, a well-known provider of managed Internet of Things (IoT) services with millions of connections worldwide. Their goal is to create smart and connected IoT solutions using LTIMindtree’s Insight NXT platform and Vodafone’s IoT Managed Connectivity. These solutions will help businesses in various industries embrace Industry X.0 and digital transformation.

By combining their expertise, LTIMindtree and Vodafone aim to tackle complex business challenges and empower clients to improve efficiency and sustainability. They will use advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, and digital twins to enhance processes such as predictive maintenance, supply chain management, and worker safety.

Gemma Barsby, who leads IoT in the UK for Vodafone, mentioned that this partnership will allow them to offer IoT services to LTIMindtree’s clients, helping them save costs and boost productivity.

Through this collaboration, LTIMindtree plans to create scalable solutions that use IoT, AI, and other cutting-edge technologies to connect devices and systems securely. Monish Mishra, the Chief Business Officer at LTIMindtree, expressed excitement about working with Vodafone to support digital transformation efforts in industries across the UK and Europe.


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