New York : Mphasis, a provider of Information Technology (IT) solutions specializing in cloud and cognitive services, has recently announced its adoption of HPE GreenLake cloud alongside HPE Alletra Storage.

This move is aimed at accelerating IT transformation for its healthcare clients, focusing on strengthening security measures to enhance healthcare operations and ensuring high performance, reliability, and scalability.

The technology provided by HPE Alletra enables enterprises to run various workloads without compromise, offering a cloud operational experience whether at the edge or in the cloud. Mphasis utilizes HPE technologies to host its Javelina platform, which houses provider and member data.

The company offers a comprehensive healthcare solution tailored for payer core administrative processing, benefiting health plans, self-insured third-party administrators, and government programs.

Through the implementation of HPE Alletra, Mphasis has expanded its storage capacity while enhancing performance and flexibility. Encryption at rest ensures security during the migration of customer workloads.

Advanced management tools have contributed to increased process efficiencies for IT and infrastructure, as well as improved storage facility management and monitoring. Furthermore, insights gained from these tools support better future planning and optimization.

Mphasis has enhanced monitoring and access to critical data with HPE Alletra, empowering better client service. This partnership aims for significant business outcomes. According to Patrick Osborne of HPE Storage, the solution simplifies infrastructure management and scales to meet growing data demands, offering cloud agility and simplicity.


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