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  • NODWIN Gaming International Pte. Ltd (NODWIN), a wholly-owned subsidiary of India’s leading gaming and esports firm, NODWIN Gaming, has revealed its commitment to invest €8 million in Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH. This substantial financial backing underscores a notable endorsement in the worldwide gaming sector.
  • Having converted its convertible loan agreement of €3.6 million, initially activated on December 27, 2023, into equity, NODWIN has obtained further shares in Freaks 4U Gaming by injecting €4.4 million. This brings NODWIN’s total investment in Freaks 4U Gaming to €8 million, securing a 13.51% ownership stake in the company. Additionally, NODWIN holds the potential to assume majority control in the future by exchanging equity held by Freaks 4U Gaming’s investors and founders for NODWIN shares.
  • Under this agreement, NODWIN and Freaks 4U Gaming will exclusively leverage resources in each other’s key territories, including personnel, equipment, and facilities. NODWIN will gain access to Freaks 4U Gaming’s network in developed markets, the PC ecosystem, and their comprehensive service offerings. Conversely, Freaks 4U Gaming will gain access to NODWIN’s network in emerging markets, as well as its facility capabilities in mobile esports and youth culture ecosystems. To facilitate synergy and effective integration, NODWIN will appoint Niels Wolter to the Freaks 4U Gaming advisory board. Wolter will provide strategic counsel on operations and integration, ensuring that the identified synergy benefits between NODWIN and Freaks 4U Gaming are realized in a timely manner.

About Freaks 4U Gaming:

  • Freaks 4U Gaming is a global agency providing comprehensive services in esports and gaming. Established in 2011 and headquartered in Berlin, the company operates regional offices across Europe, Asia, and North America. With a focus on client satisfaction, Freaks 4U Gaming offers unparalleled industry expertise and a wide range of solutions. These include strategic consultancy, online and offline activations, and cutting-edge broadcast productions, establishing itself as a leading creator of esports content worldwide.
  • At its core, Freaks 4U Gaming is deeply connected to the gaming community. Leveraging proprietary platforms and licensed esports leagues, the company has fostered some of the most successful communities in the industry.

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