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Santa Clara, CA | Pune, India : Persistent Systems, a global leader in Digital Engineering and Enterprise Modernization (listed on BSE and NSE as PERSISTENT), has unveiled SASVA, a cutting-edge enterprise AI platform designed to streamline software releases, accelerate time-to-market, and enhance efficiency. Derived from the Sanskrit word “Shashvatah,” meaning timelessness, SASVA ensures continual improvement in the rapidly evolving software landscape. By leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) and Machine Learning (ML), SASVA addresses various use cases across the software development lifecycle, including preventing technical debt in new development, minimizing accumulated technical debt in mid- to late-stage software, and tackling complex scenarios in software sustenance and specialized industries at an enterprise scale.

Traditional software engineering methods often rely on manual tasks, leading to technical debt and inefficiencies. SASVA addresses these challenges by constructing a comprehensive knowledge base from vast datasets, including millions of code repositories and documents. Hybrid language models facilitate efficient utilization, with secure training on customer data sourced from various platforms such as version control, ticketing systems, project management tools, and collaboration platforms. This rigorous process enhances privacy, security, and regulatory compliance. SASVA streamlines project planning and generates contextual code modifications for seamless review.

In initial engagements, SASVA has demonstrated impressive results, reducing release times by 25% to 35% while improving quality and reducing technical debt. This platform empowers clients across industries to enhance enterprise productivity throughout different software phases, delivering cost and time efficiency with improved quality.

Sandeep Kalra, CEO and Executive Director of Persistent Systems, expressed pride in introducing SASVA, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize the software engineering and maintenance lifecycle. Kalra highlighted SASVA’s ability to reduce manual efforts, ensure consistent quality, deliver productivity gains, and minimize technical debt, tailored to each organization, industry, and domain.

Praveen Kalla, Operating Executive at Lone View Capital and Board Member at Smartlinx, emphasized the importance of addressing the growing cost of poor software quality and increasing technical debt. Kalla praised Persistent’s strategic move with SASVA, recognizing its alignment with market trends and potential for value creation across the software lifecycle value chain.

Chirag Mehta, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, highlighted the demand for AI platforms that bridge the gap between product and engineering, accelerating time-to-market and value while mitigating security risks. Mehta praised SASVA as a strategic move by Persistent to help customers navigate product and engineering complexity and accelerate innovation.


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