Sanofi India Limited (“SIL”) (BSE: 500674 NSE: SANOFI) and Sanofi Healthcare India Private Limited, collectively referred to as “Sanofi India,” along with Cipla Limited (“Cipla”) (BSE:500087; NSE: Cipla EQ), have announced an exclusive partnership focusing on the distribution and promotion of Sanofi India’s Central Nervous System (CNS) product range in India. Under this collaboration, Cipla will oversee the distribution of six CNS brands from Sanofi India, including Frisium, a prominent brand in the anti-epileptic medication sector.

While Sanofi India will retain ownership and responsibility for the import and manufacturing of its entire CNS product line within India and globally, Cipla will utilize its expertise and extensive network of marketing and sales professionals, distributors, institutions, and outreach programs across India to enhance the availability of these treatments for patients in need.

Mr. Rodolfo Hrosz, Managing Director of Sanofi India Limited, stated, “Sanofi India’s CNS products lead their respective categories, positively impacting the lives of many patients in urban areas nationwide. With Cipla’s extensive presence, we aim to extend the reach of this portfolio to healthcare professionals and patients across all regions of India.”

Mr. Achin Gupta, Chief Executive Officer of One India Business at Cipla Limited, commented, “Expanding access to high-quality treatments aligns with our core mission of ‘Caring for Life’. We are excited to partner with Sanofi India to improve accessibility to effective and quality therapeutic solutions in the CNS field, benefiting patients across the nation. Addressing the challenges of the Central Nervous System domain is crucial, and we see this collaboration as a significant stride in meeting the unmet needs of patients.”


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