SpiceJet has recently finalized a significant lease agreement to incorporate two wide-body A340 aircraft into its fleet, aimed at enhancing its upcoming Haj operations. This strategic decision highlights the airline’s dedication to providing exceptional travel experiences while maximizing revenue opportunities. The deployment of these wide-body aircraft from both Srinagar and Guwahati underscores the airline’s intention to replicate the substantial revenue generated last year during Haj operations, amounting to INR 337 Crore.

Chandan Sand, the Head of Leasing and Legal at SpiceJet, expressed satisfaction with the conclusion of the lease agreement, emphasizing how the addition of these A340 aircraft will not only elevate service standards but also contribute significantly to revenue growth, particularly during the Haj operations. Additionally, he mentioned the airline’s active pursuit of opportunities for fleet expansion through long-term lease agreements, aiming to strengthen its network and position in the aviation industry.

Each of the wide-body aircraft has a seating capacity of 324 and will play a crucial role in SpiceJet’s Haj operations, which are scheduled to commence their first phase to Medina on May 9, 2024. With flights planned from seven Indian cities, including Srinagar, Gaya, Guwahati, Bhopal, Indore, Aurangabad, and Vijayawada, SpiceJet aims to ensure seamless travel experiences for pilgrims embarking on the sacred journey to Medina. Last year, SpiceJet operated over 200 special Haj flights, facilitating the travel of more than 21,000 pilgrims.


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