NEW YORK, US : HCL Technologies, a leading global technology company, has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Generative AI Competency Partner status, recognizing its expertise in building generative AI (GenAI) applications on AWS and delivering transformative outcomes to enterprises.

Leveraging AWS’s advanced GenAI portfolio, including Amazon CodeWhisperer, Amazon Bedrock, Amazon SageMaker, and Amazon Q, HCLTech has developed innovative GenAI solutions across various industries and enterprise functions. These solutions prioritize responsible and ethical AI practices, such as privacy protection, intellectual property rights preservation, and factual accuracy maintenance.

Prabhakar Appana, Senior Vice President and Head of AWS Business Unit at HCLTech, commented, “Attaining the AWS Generative AI Competency is a significant milestone for us, but more importantly, it is a win for our clients. It solidifies our market standing and leadership and assures our clients of our proficiency in developing and implementing real-world generative AI solutions using AWS services. This means we can meet their needs with unparalleled precision and effectiveness, ensuring their success in an ever-evolving landscape.”

The AWS Competency Program connects clients with AWS partners possessing extensive knowledge and technical expertise in utilizing AWS technologies and best practices to adopt generative AI.

HCLTech has previously received AWS Competency status in networking, migration, financial services, cloud operations, automotive services, manufacturing and industrial services, SAP, DevOps, Level 1 MSSP, storage, and mainframe modernization.

With a unique set of end-to-end AI capabilities ranging from chip development to business process optimization, HCLTech, through strategic partnerships with AWS and others, is leading the way for GenAI adoption across industries.


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