COPENHAGEN : Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has entered into a multimillion-dollar strategic collaboration to lead the end-to-end IT transformation of Ramboll, a global leader in architecture, engineering, and consultancy based in Denmark. Over the next seven years, TCS will undertake the task of modernizing and streamlining Ramboll’s IT operating model to foster business expansion and optimize IT costs.

TCS will provide a range of services including managing Ramboll’s cloud and data centers, application development and maintenance, Cyber Security, and Digital Workplace solutions. This initiative aims to establish a digital foundation for Ramboll’s growth trajectory, while also reducing its environmental footprint and enhancing scalability.

Thomas Angelius, Senior Group Director and Chief Information Officer at Ramboll, expressed, “In order to sustain our remarkable growth, we recognized the importance of partnering with a reliable entity to build a standardized, scalable IT platform conducive to innovation and agile enough to nurture creativity. We are excited to have selected TCS, renowned for its expertise in large-scale complex digital transformations, for this global endeavor. With TCS as our ally, we are confident in our ability to future-proof the business and continue delivering exceptional services to our clients.”

With operations spanning 35 countries and a revenue exceeding DKK 17 billion, Ramboll is committed to offering sustainable solutions to enterprises. However, rapid growth, including numerous mergers and acquisitions, has led to a complex and costly IT architecture. TCS will assist in reducing costs and realizing economies of scale within Ramboll’s IT framework by streamlining and consolidating operations. This will result in an agile and resilient IT platform capable of supporting future transformations.

As part of this strategic partnership, TCS will onboard over 300 Ramboll IT employees across 12 countries, showcasing its commitment to facilitating knowledge exchange and fostering growth.

V Rajanna, President of Technology, Software, and Services at TCS, stated, “We are honored to be chosen as Ramboll’s strategic technology partner to revolutionize its IT operating model. This collaboration will provide Ramboll with a scalable, future-ready IT platform, driving business agility. Leveraging the potential of data, cloud, and analytics, TCS will assist Ramboll in achieving intelligent business transformation and enterprise-wide growth.”

With a presence in Denmark for over three decades, TCS has been instrumental in driving growth and transformation for its clients. The company has consistently been recognized as a Top Employer in Denmark and has maintained its position as the leader in Customer Satisfaction in the Nordics for 14 consecutive years.

Vikram Sharma, Country Head of Denmark at TCS, expressed, “TCS is honored to be entrusted by Ramboll as their inaugural outsourcing partner for this extensive, global project spanning multiple years and phases. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with Ramboll to establish a flexible, agile, scalable, and secure IT and operational foundation to propel the business forward. This partnership marks the beginning of a fruitful period of cooperation.”


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