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India : the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (IREDA), in collaboration with its strategic partner, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), held a Strategic Meeting in Gurugram. The meeting centered on critical facets of business expansion and endeavors geared towards reducing costs in fund utilization.

  • Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of IREDA, Shri Pradip Kumar Das, inaugurated the Strategic Meet, expressing his confidence in the organization’s robust trajectory. He underscored that the discussions held affirm their dedication to achieving targets while ensuring financial stability. Shri Das emphasized, “Today’s deliberations underscore our unwavering commitment not only to meet but to exceed our ambitious targets. I am confident that our strategic actions will not only shape the future of IREDA but also make a significant contribution to advancing a sustainable and dynamic renewable energy landscape in the country.”
  • IREDA’s Strategy Team introduced their initiatives, featuring a comprehensive report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and suggested IT-based improvements to enhance overall efficiency and user experience. Discussions encompassed the anticipated Gross Non-Performing Assets (GNPAs), along with the development of a robust recovery action plan to uphold financial stability amidst potential challenges.
  • The strategic meeting extensively addressed the retail sector and delineated the proposed IREDA strategy for retail growth, among other topics. A key focus of the discussions revolved around implementing initiatives to decrease the Cost of Funds. The leadership team conducted a comprehensive review of both domestic and foreign avenues, exploring strategies for optimizing bond raising to manage excess liquidity.
  • The meeting concluded with a firm commitment from IREDA to persist in its endeavors to foster renewable energy and sustainable development, aligning with the Government of India’s vision and targets.

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