Salasar, a prominent player in engineering and infrastructure solutions, has received a Letter of Intent (LOI) for the acquisition of EMC Ltd. (Formerly known as Electrical Manufacturing Company Limited), a key player in the EPC industry. Valued at Rs. 1,780 Mn, this acquisition signifies a significant milestone in Salasar’s growth trajectory and strategic expansion plans.

This acquisition offers several advantages for Salasar, including:

  • Enhanced Market Presence: Strengthening Salasar’s position in the EPC sector, particularly in power transmission and substation segments, thereby expanding its market reach.
  • Expanded Portfolio: Leveraging EMC Ltd.’s expertise in turnkey projects, Salasar can offer a broader range of services to its clients, meeting their evolving needs comprehensively.
  • Operational Synergies: The synergies between Salasar and EMC Ltd. will result in operational efficiencies, cost optimization, and streamlined processes, enhancing overall productivity and profitability.

The management team of Salasar has expressed their satisfaction with the LOI received for the acquisition of EMC Ltd., valued at Rs. 1,780 Mn. They view this strategic move as a means to bolster their presence and standing in the EPC industry, reaffirming their dedication to growth and innovation.

EMC Ltd., formerly known as Electrical Manufacturing Company Limited, has earned recognition as a significant player in the industry. Their track record of successfully completing large-scale projects and expanding into overseas markets through the export of galvanized steel towers, conductors, and hardware items speaks volumes about their expertise and capabilities.

Recognizing the evolving dynamics of the EPC industry, EMC Ltd. has proactively adjusted its business model to include turnkey orders in power transmission and substation sectors. This strategic alignment with Salasar’s core business makes EMC Ltd. an attractive acquisition target.

Salasar aims to leverage the synergies between the two companies and harness EMC Ltd.’s expertise to enhance its service offerings. The addition of EMC Ltd.’s capabilities positions Salasar as a qualified bidder for executing high-margin projects in the power transmission and substation sectors, such as 765 kV transmission lines and industrial power systems, which have limited competition.

Moreover, this acquisition underscores Salasar’s commitment to strategic growth in the EPC industry, particularly in the power sector. The management team is confident that this move will fortify their position in the market, enabling them to capitalize on new opportunities and foster sustainable growth for their stakeholders.


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