Austria: Intellect Global Consumer Banking (iGCB), the consumer banking division of Intellect Design Arena Limited, has revealed that VakifBank International AG, a division of Türkiye Vakiflar Bankasi T.A.O, has opted for iGCB’s platforms Intellect Digital Core (IDC) and Digital Lending to revolutionize its banking operations. This marks iGCB’s second significant core banking transformation agreement in Europe, following closely on the heels of its partnership with a prominent European bank announced on December 8th.VakifBank International AG, headquartered in Austria and operating in Hungary, will utilize the Digital Core and Lending platform to realize its ambition of becoming a foremost digital bank in the region and beyond.

VakifBank International AG, with its headquarters in Austria and operations in Hungary, will utilize the Digital Core and Lending platform in order to:

● Introduce innovative products and features via the composable architecture-based platform, accessing pre-built microservices, packaged business components, and events.
● Accelerate time to market with a country-specific marketplace using APIs.
● Enhance business visibility through a CXO cockpit, providing real-time 360° customer insights and reporting.
● Identify and decrease inactive customers through churn analysis.
● Expand asset portfolio with end-to-end digital lending solutions.
● Commence banking operations in Hungary.


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