EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. : Wipro has unveiled its Lab45 AI Platform, leveraging GenAI, ML, and deep learning to boost efficiencies and cater to industry-specific needs.

The platform, available to both employees and clients, operates on a SaaS model and supports various advanced language and visual processing capabilities. With over 1,000 GenAI agents and pre-built applications, it facilitates seamless integration and customization for HR, sales, marketing, and operations functions.

“Our Lab45 AI Platform demonstrates Wipro’s commitment to innovation and productivity,” stated Subha Tatavarti, Wipro Limited’s Chief Technology Officer. She highlighted its transformative impact across HR, sales, marketing, and other functions, emphasizing rapid innovation while ensuring privacy and responsible AI. The platform’s API-based access simplifies GenAI deployment, evident in Topcoder’s seven-fold increase in GenAI usage.

Over six months, it’s led to significant time savings and productivity gains, notably in HR, sales, marketing, and quality engineering. Shikhar Ghosh, Harvard Business School Professor, praised its benefits for MBA education and advanced business applications.



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