TOKYO : HCLTech, a prominent global technology company, and Olympus Corporation (Olympus), a worldwide MedTech company, have extended their strategic partnership to facilitate advanced and cost-effective healthcare solutions for patients through cutting-edge engineering technologies.

Utilizing its global leadership in Engineering and R&D services, along with artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions, HCLTech will expedite and amplify Olympus’ global product development initiatives.

HCLTech will establish a dedicated product innovation center in Hyderabad, India, catering to Olympus’ operations across the US, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Expected to commence operations by July 2024, this center aims to bolster Olympus’ business expansion endeavors and propel advancements in medical technology.

HCLTech and Olympus have had a decade-long partnership in core Engineering and R&D. This collaboration spans various services, including product engineering, software engineering, and regulatory support, with HCLTech supporting Olympus from its global delivery centers in India and Vietnam. Both parties express excitement about enhancing Olympus’ engineering capabilities and fostering innovation in healthcare technology.


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