Delaware, USA : The entity Incorporated, Cyient DLM INC, operates under the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware, with its registered office situated in Delaware, USA. It primarily operates in the United States but may have a global presence. The Incorporation involved the acquisition of 100% of the shareholding/control of Cyient DLM INC. This transaction was facilitated through a cash consideration, whereby the acquiring entity subscribed to the bylaws of Cyient DLM INC and infused share capital in cash.

The Incorporation aligns with the corporation’s objective to engage in any lawful act or activity permitted under the General Corporation Law of Delaware. Cyient DLM INC, the entity being acquired, operates in the industry of design-led manufacturing services. As Cyient DLM INC is wholly owned by the company, Cyient DLM LIMITED, it constitutes a related party transaction. The promoter/promoter group/group companies have a direct interest in Cyient DLM INC, as it is wholly owned by the company. This acquisition is conducted at “arm’s length,” adhering to fair market practices and ensuring transparency in the transaction process.


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