Webling | Bangalore : Dynamatic Technologies Limited announces a new partnership with Deutsche Aircraft, the German OEM based in Munich, Germany. The collaboration is centered around the production of the Rear Fuselage for the 40-seater D328eco regional turboprop aircraft. This partnership signifies a significant moment for the “Make in India” initiative and will contribute to the development of the highly capable ecosystem in the region.

The contract represents a crucial milestone as Deutsche Aircraft and Dynamatic join forces to manufacture the D328eco, a sustainable regional turboprop aircraft. This modern, fuel-efficient aircraft is designed to cater to regional routes and is poised to revolutionize regional air travel worldwide. With its spacious cabin and superior performance capabilities, the D328eco offers exceptional design, features, and operational flexibility.

Mr. Udayant Malhoutra, CEO and Managing Director of Dynamatic Technologies, expressed his delight in the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Deutsche Aircraft in the production of the rear fuselage for the D328eco aircraft. Dynamatic’s aerospace engineering and manufacturing expertise, combined with Deutsche Aircraft’s innovative vision for regional air transport, sets the stage for a successful partnership.”

Mr. Dave Jackson, CEO of Deutsche Aircraft, commented, “By teaming up with Dynamatic Technologies, we are eager to collaborate with a prominent global player in the rapidly expanding aviation and aerospace industry. This partnership also contributes to the ‘Make in India’ initiative, further positioning India as a key global hub for aviation supply chain. Dynamatic Technologies is a pivotal aerospace supplier for global commercial OEMs, boasting an impressive track record in the aerospace sector, making them a significant partner for manufacturing the D328eco.”

Maximilian Fahr, Vice President Supply Chain of Deutsche Aircraft, remarked, “This collaboration with Dynamatic Technologies underscores our commitment to working with top-tier partners and enhancing our supply chain resilience. Given India’s importance as a key market in the APAC region, we are enthusiastic about this partnership, which represents a long-term commitment in India.”

Both Deutsche Aircraft and Dynamatic are dedicated to the success of this partnership and the future of the D328eco aircraft program. The signing of this contract marks a significant milestone in bringing this innovative aircraft to market.


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