Cyient, a global leader in Intelligent Engineering and Technology Solutions, has announced a multiyear services agreement with Airbus for Cabin and Cargo Engineering.

Under this agreement, Cyient has been chosen by Airbus to contribute to the development of a portion of its cabin ‘Intelligent Core Management Platform’ (iCMP). These systems are designed to facilitate faster software updates, streamlined customization, and the expansion of digital services within the cabin.

Cyient has a longstanding collaboration with Airbus, supporting the development of future-ready cabins to deliver cutting-edge services that require advanced technologies and handle significant data flow volumes.

Expressing gratitude for Airbus’s confidence in Cyient’s capabilities, Karthikeyan Natarajan, Executive Director and CEO of Cyient, stated, “We are committed to fostering and expanding this partnership with Airbus. Cyient looks forward to utilizing our technological expertise to aid Airbus in their endeavor to revolutionize in-flight communication and diagnostics systems.”

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