EFC Limited, a wholly owned unlisted subsidiary of the EFC (I) Limited, has purchased a 51% stake in ‘Bigbox Ventures Private Limited’. As a result, Bigbox Ventures Private Limited now operates as a step-down subsidiary of EFC (I) Limited.

The cost of acquisition for Bigbox Ventures Private Limited was ₹5,10,04,100, which involved acquiring 10,409 equity shares at a price of ₹4,900 per share. Bigbox Ventures Private Limited operates with an authorized share capital of ₹3,00,000, divided into 30,000 equity shares of ₹10 each, of which ₹2,04,090 is paid-up, distributed among 20,409 equity shares.

Bigbox Ventures Private Limited is a dynamic player in the managed workspace industry, catering to both enterprises and startups with its innovative workspace-as-a-service model. Known for its commitment to flexibility, speed, and security, Bigbox offers a modern workplace experience that enhances asset value for its clients.

Founded on August 14, 2018, the company has rapidly expanded its footprint, now operating over 3,000 workstations spread across 9 locations in Pune. In the past three fiscal years, Bigbox has demonstrated impressive growth, with turnover figures of ₹29,73,439 in FY 2020-21, ₹94,68,450 in FY 2021-22, and ₹4,13,98,130 in FY 2022-23.


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