NEW YORK, US : HCL Technologies, a prominent global technology company, has proudly announced its recognition for talent readiness and digital talent capability by Everest Group and Avasant.

In Everest Group’s Talent Readiness for Next-Generation IT Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023, HCL Technologies was positioned as a Leader and a Star Performer. Additionally, in Avasant’s Digital Talent Capability RadarView, 2023–2024, HCL Technologies has retained its position as a Leader for the third consecutive year.

Ramachandran Sundararajan, Chief People Officer at HCL Technologies, expressed gratitude for the recognition and emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering top-notch services to clients while providing employees with ample opportunities for skill development and growth. Sundararajan highlighted strategic initiatives such as investments in advanced AI-based learning solutions and alliances with technology providers to enhance workforce capabilities.

Everest Group highlighted HCL Technologies’ strong delivery mix of resources skilled in next-generation technologies like cloud, cybersecurity, and application services. The report also commended HCL’s focus on early talent development through initiatives like TechBee and apprenticeships.

Arpita Dwivedi, Practice Director at Everest Group, praised HCL Technologies for its robust talent sourcing strategies, personalized skilling initiatives, and incorporation of AI and analytics-powered solutions in workforce development and management.

In Avasant’s Radarview report, HCL Technologies received top scores across all three categories, demonstrating excellence in digital strategy and talent capabilities, talent transformation, and talent investments and innovation. Avasant recognized HCL’s focus on product and platform strategy through HCLSoftware, its efforts to integrate generative AI capabilities into products, and partnerships with leading technology companies to develop joint solutions.

Avasant also highlighted HCL’s achievement in upskilling over 60% of its workforce on the latest digital technologies and its New Vistas initiative for hiring from alternate talent pools and creating local employment opportunities while expanding its global presence.

Avasant defines digital talent capability as a combination of talent transformation strategies, digital skills, roles, and technology capabilities used by enterprises and IT service providers to develop digital talent pools and deliver efficient digital services. Avasant’s Radarview report on Digital Talent Capability 2023 provides insights into key technology and talent-related trends expected to impact digital transformation projects in the long term.


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