Infibeam Avenues Ltd, a prominent AI-driven fintech firm, announces the launch of its groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) offering, THEIA – an innovative Video AI Developer Platform. This advanced platform is poised to transform how businesses, institutions, and governments leverage AI for increased productivity and efficiency.

THEIA is tailored to cater to various industries, with its advanced video AI analysis capabilities surpassing conventional boundaries. It serves as a versatile platform empowering organizations to harness AI video analysis across diverse applications such as sports analytics, media optimization, traffic management, crowd control, insurance claims processing, manufacturing unit optimization, retail operations, and governmental functions.

“We are excited to introduce THEIA, one of the World’s First Video AI Developer Platforms, poised to revolutionize the utilization of video (CCTV) data. Beyond security, videos will now serve as potent tools for enhancing productivity, workforce efficiency, and decision-making across businesses, governmental entities, and organizations. The era of video data transformation has begun,” stated Mr. Rajesh Kumar SA, CEO of Phronetic.AI, an AI business unit of Infibeam Avenues Ltd.

Infibeam’s THEIA serves as a pivotal platform, acting as a “framework” to deliver advanced object detection and classification capabilities, model training, and video processing using organizations’ extensive video data resources. Sector-agnostic, its cutting-edge technology promises to revolutionize business processes, offering invaluable insights for informed decision-making by top organizational stakeholders.

The platform addresses three major challenges for developers. Firstly, selecting key frames from a video stream is often challenging. THEIA’s video processing module employs in-house AI models to accurately select the most relevant key frames. Secondly, with the proliferation of AI models, choosing the appropriate set from this abundance can be daunting. THEIA tackles this issue using autonomous AI Agents, which orchestrate models effectively to solve specific problems. Lastly, visualizing processed video and extracting usable information in a format compatible with analytical frameworks can be complex. THEIA’s video understanding module offers a standardized output interface for seamless integration with downstream applications.

For app developers, THEIA offers ease of use, allowing anyone with basic knowledge of analytics, coding, or Python to leverage the platform. Supporting natural language coding, developers can create applications using everyday conversational language.

THEIA is an ideal solution for organizations, companies, and governments prioritizing data security and autonomy, catering to those avoiding third-party tech players. It enables semi-skilled tech developers to build applications in a secure environment, ensuring data confidentiality. With swift development and deployment capabilities, coupled with continuous learning and upgrading, THEIA enhances application efficiency for a seamless and secure experience.

For experts such as data scientists and machine learning specialists, THEIA facilitates effortless creation of proprietary AI models. These experts can monetize their models by allowing app developers from various sectors to build applications using their proprietary models. THEIA not only meets the needs of app developers but also fosters collaboration between experts and developers, fostering a dynamic ecosystem for Video AI innovation.

Infibeam Avenues Ltd’s Phronetic.AI has launched a six-week open invitation for Red Teaming on its innovative platform. This initiative invites both App Developers and Experts to explore and utilize the platform, offering valuable feedback to refine and enhance its capabilities. The company aims to open the platform for organizational subscriptions by the end of the first quarter of the fiscal year 2024-25.


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