Noida , India :

  • Inox Wind Limited (IWL), a prominent provider of wind energy solutions in India, has entered into an exclusive agreement with Wind to Energy (W2E), a global leader in wind turbine technology and design. This agreement aims to introduce the 4.X MW wind turbine generator (WTG), specifically designed for low wind regimes in India. Inox Wind has consistently strived to reduce the cost of wind energy for its clients, and the introduction of the 4.X MW turbine is part of its ongoing efforts in this direction.
  • ┬áThe 4.X MW WTG from W2E is a well-established platform with a successful operational history worldwide. By adding the 4.X MW series turbines to its existing product portfolio, which includes the 2 MW and 3 MW series, IWL strengthens its position in the market and enhances its ability to meet the increasing demand in the wind sector. This move also ensures the company’s technological competitiveness for the next decade.
  • The introduction of the 4.X MW wind turbine with its sizable rotor diameter is poised to revolutionize the Indian wind industry. This innovative product promises enhanced energy yields, reduced levelized cost of energy (LCoE), and superior performance, particularly in harnessing optimal energy from low wind sites.
  • Inox Wind, currently manufacturing and operating its 2 MW and 3 MW turbines under perpetual licenses with AMSC, with whom IWL maintains a robust relationship, is confident in the capabilities of its new offering. While the company will focus on installing its 4.X series WTGs at selected sites across the country, the 3 MW series, with access to most major wind sites, will continue to serve as the primary workhorse in the coming years.

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