Dubai, UAE : Intellect Design Arena Ltd, a forward-looking Financial Technology company specializing in cloud-native solutions for banking and insurance clients worldwide, has introduced its innovative ‘First Principles’ Technology suite,, tailored for tech-savvy bankers in the Middle East and Africa.

The Suite will facilitate the following:

  • Empower banks with 329 Microservices, 1757 APIs, and 535 Events, providing them with the tools to develop future-ready technology solutions.
  • Serve as a Catalyst for Digital and Cognitive Enterprise transformation by leading the shift, with Intellect’s expertise guiding banks to stay ahead.
  • Encourage financial innovation and redefine the future of financial technology in the Middle East and Africa region, positioning the region competitively on a global scale.
  • Assist financial institutions in progressively transforming their technology infrastructure, capitalizing on marketplaces such as IDC, iKredit360, Digital Transaction Banking, Digital Wealth Management, and Insurance, transitioning from BankTech Wave 3 to Wave 5.

This suite of First Principles Technology prioritizes the bank’s customers, whether they are Retail, HNI (High Net Worth Individuals), SME (Small and Medium Enterprises), or Corporate clients, as well as the events occurring throughout their financial journey. These events can stem from both customer interactions and bank operations, as well as regulatory and compliance requirements. Financial institutions tailor their services and offerings based on these events to guarantee customer satisfaction and compliance with regulations. This customization is achieved through a structured set of independent services known as Microservices within the technology community.

To offer comprehensive services ranging from approval to credit decision-making, risk compliance, and regulatory reporting, corporate banking ecosystems such as liquidity management, payments processing, cash management, virtual accounts, SME lending, Corporate Demand Deposit Accounts (DDA), and trade & supply chain finance require collaboration among various Microservices.

In the technology realm, this collaboration is facilitated through agreed-upon protocols termed APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These Events, Microservices, and APIs operate within a native Cloud environment, ensuring a seamless user experience either through feature-rich UI/UX or Headless architecture, allowing financial institutions to customize their user interfaces based on their specific needs. With embedded AI for enhanced operational efficiency and intelligent decision-making, stands as the most comprehensive ‘First Principles’ Technology solution, catering to both current and future requirements of any financial institution.


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