Warren, New Jersey ,USA | Mumbai, India : LTIMindtree, a global technology consulting and digital solutions company, has launched on the Snowflake AI Data Cloud. This integration enhances LTIMindtree’s AI capabilities, providing clients with a flexible and accelerated path to harness AI’s power. combines customizability, scalability, and an intuitive interface with Snowflake’s capabilities, enabling enterprises to swiftly transform their applications.

The collaboration integrates’s proactive governance features with Snowflake’s enterprise-grade models like Snowflake Arctic LLMs. This partnership aims to enhance usability and efficiency, facilitating easier deployment of AI solutions.’s navigator applications further accelerate the AI journey, simplifying the rollout of pre-built solutions for organizations.

Ashish Varerkar, Vice President & Head of Canvas AI at LTIMindtree, emphasized the ease of building LLM-based apps with on Snowflake, leveraging its robust capabilities for content moderation and outcome validation.

Rithesh Makkena, Global Partner SE Leader at Snowflake, highlighted the importance of selecting the right AI models for business use cases and praised for its customizable parameters and governance features that ensure security and efficiency.


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