Today, Rakesh Verma and Rashmi Verma, founders of MapmyIndia, announced the launch of ClarityX (, a company focused on delivering cutting-edge, customized AI-driven data analytics and consulting services to enterprise clients. ClarityX’s capabilities will expand MapmyIndia’s enterprise offerings and market reach.

By harnessing AI to analyze multi-dimensional static and real-time data, ClarityX empowers enterprises to make strategic decisions quickly and drive digital transformation. Leveraging MapmyIndia’s deep-tech expertise in digital mapping, geospatial software, and location-based IoT products, ClarityX aims to help enterprises across various industries identify new markets, optimize resources, and mitigate risks and fraud.

At events in New Delhi’s Bharat Mandapam and Mumbai’s Jio World Convention Centre, enterprise clients witnessed firsthand how the strategic partnership between MapmyIndia and ClarityX enables businesses to leverage synergies, identify growth opportunities, and enhance operational efficiency.

The integration of MapmyIndia’s suite of digital transformation solutions comprising digital maps, geospatial software, and IoT hardware with ClarityX’s AI-driven analytics promises unprecedented insights for informed decision-making and scalable digital solutions tailored to enterprise needs.

Leveraging MapmyIndia’s extensive proprietary map and geospatial data, along with analytical software like mGIS and Insight Dashboard, ClarityX introduces its own suite of products and solutions aimed at providing comprehensive business insights to enterprises across diverse sectors. Some of ClarityX’s offerings include:

  • Proprietary Indices: District Potential Index, Rural Potential Index
  • Machine Learning Models: Sales Projection Model, Risk Assessment Model
  • Insights: Origin-Destination Analysis, Category Trend Analysis, Catchment Analysis
  • Trends Dashboard: Tracking India’s Movement



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