NODWIN Gaming Private Limited, a significant subsidiary of Nazara Technologies Limited (BSE: NAZARA), announced today that its Singapore-based subsidiary, NODWIN Gaming International Pte. Ltd. (NODWIN Pte), has entered into definitive agreements to progressively increase its current 13.51% ownership stake in Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH, a Berlin-based global full-service gaming and esports agency, up to 100% through a share swap valued at up to INR 271 crore (Euro 30.3 million).

Initially, NODWIN Pte will raise its existing stake in Freaks 4U Gaming to 57%, with the option to acquire the remaining 43% held by founders Michael Haenisch, Matthias Remmert, and Jens Enders at a later date.

Existing investors of Freaks 4U Gaming (Co-Investor FRE and Game.Fin S.R.L) will transition into shareholders of NODWIN Pte. Freaks 4U Gaming provides a wide range of agency services and top-tier solutions to brands and publishers, reporting unaudited revenues of INR 223 crores (Euro 26.9 million) in 2023.

This acquisition is expected to significantly bolster NODWIN Gaming’s capabilities by integrating the expertise, experience, and network of the Freaks 4U Gaming team, thereby making substantial contributions to NODWIN’s future revenues.

Since acquiring a minority stake in Freaks 4U Gaming in January 2024, NODWIN has been integrating operations and exploring synergies. Following successful collaborations on projects like the PUBG Mobile Global Open, they’ve decided to proceed with acquiring up to 100% of Freaks 4U Gaming.

This move enhances NODWIN’s access to developed markets and strengthens its capabilities in PC gaming and publishing support services, positioning them for significant revenue growth.



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