Protean eGov Technologies Limited (BSE: PROTEAN, formerly known as NSDL eGovernance Infrastructure Limited), a pioneering leader in Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) and Regulatory Technology, has launched a cutting-edge digital signature and stamping product called eSignPro.

This product aims to become the most comprehensive offering in the market for eSignatures and eStamping, featuring a complete smart documentation suite. Leveraging Protean’s established market presence in digital identity and authentication, with over 400 million eSign transactions processed, eSignPro represents the latest advancement in Protean’s eSign platform.

This upgrade enhances their product portfolio and solidifies their leadership position in the market. eSignPro integrates advanced eSign and eStamping capabilities with a sophisticated documentation and automation suite, designed to deliver enterprise-grade solutions that promote cost-efficiency and streamline business operations.

eSignPro aims to eliminate physical paperwork and manual signatures across various processes such as account opening, re-KYC, lending, and contract execution. It offers an enhanced user experience through features like workflow management, intuitive dashboards, and universal access via platforms like WhatsApp, SMS, and email.

Designed to accelerate turnaround times, reduce costs, and enhance risk management for organizations and their clients, eSignPro marks a significant step in Protean’s commitment to advancing digital financial inclusion and scalability.


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