Tata Elxsi and Drager, a renowned global leader in medical and safety technology, have announced a partnership aimed at driving innovation in critical care within India. As part of this collaboration, Drager will enhance its research and development footprint by establishing a new Offshore Development Center (ODC) at Tata Elxsi’s Pune facility. This ODC will concentrate on the creation of groundbreaking critical care medical devices tailored for both local and international markets. Leveraging Tata Elxsi’s prowess in design and technology alongside Drager’s expertise in medical and safety technology, this alliance promises a significant advancement in critical care solutions.

The development center will bring together talents from both organizations, dedicated to crafting innovative critical care medical devices for utilization in Operation Theatres (OTs) globally. Serving as a central hub, it will oversee all stages of critical care product development, spanning from conceptualization to product design, prototyping, and rigorous testing. The ODC will boast a comprehensive critical care equipment testing facility, furnished with medical-grade gases, compressors, and oxygen cylinders to replicate the exacting conditions of OT setups.

The collaboration between Tata Elxsi and Drager harnesses their combined expertise to accelerate the development of affordable, high-quality medical devices, thus bolstering a healthcare ecosystem accessible to all. This partnership not only showcases the prowess of Indian research and development on the global platform but also signifies Drager’s commitment to Indian innovation and manufacturing capabilities, as it marks their second R&D center in India.

Shalin Patel, Managing Director of Draeger India Group, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, “This collaboration with Tata Elxsi marks a significant milestone in Drager’s journey to expand our R&D footprint in India. By leveraging Tata Elxsi’s eco-system and expertise in technology and design, we are setting new standards in critical care equipment that will ultimately benefit patients worldwide.”

The wealth of talent and technological proficiency at Tata Elxsi in India presents abundant opportunities for healthcare co-innovation. Shalin further added, “Our collaboration with Tata Elxsi is a strategic step towards harnessing this potential to develop next-generation critical care solutions. The establishment of this center underscores our belief in the strategic importance of India as an R&D hub.”

Pankaj Madhukar Wani, Head of Healthcare & Lifesciences Business at Tata Elxsi, expressed his excitement about the partnership, highlighting the opportunity to integrate innovative technology, design, and engineering expertise into product development. With extensive experience across various healthcare domains, including AI-enabled devices, smart assistive devices, diagnostics, injectables, telehealth, and point of care devices, Tata Elxsi is well-positioned to deliver impactful solutions and reshape healthcare models to address critical industry challenges.


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