Barcelona | Bengaluru : Tata Elxsi and Telefonica unveiled a groundbreaking achievement in automating cloud infrastructure for telecommunications. They have successfully implemented true cloud-native infrastructure management powered by ETSI Open-Source MANO (ETSI OSM). This milestone signifies a significant evolution in network management, empowering operators to construct intent-driven network systems with unparalleled efficiency and agility.

Through this collaboration, Tata Elxsi and Telefonica have bolstered the capabilities of OSM, introducing innovative features such as infrastructure automation, serverless operations execution environments, and the deployment of multi-cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions. These advancements herald a new era in the evolution of Telco Cloud technologies and underscore a dedication to propelling digital transformation across the telecommunications industry.

The integration of OSM with Tata Elxsi’s award-winning NEURON platform marks a pivotal moment in multi-domain transformation toward autonomous network systems. NEURON’s business-intent-driven functionalities, combined with OSM’s platform, offer operators unmatched control and flexibility in managing intricate infrastructures.

The strategic collaboration between Tata Elxsi and Telefonica lays the foundation for future advancements in Telco Cloud technology, paving the way for cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the telecommunications industry. With the power of OSM, NEURON now boasts the capability to seamlessly integrate infrastructure, services, security, networking, and configuration into a unified, intent-driven deployment.

“Through our collaboration with Tata Elxsi, our aim is to push the boundaries of technology and standardization, driving operators towards cloud-native agility,” emphasized Francisco-Javier Ramon, Multi-cloud Tools Manager in the gCTIO Unit at Telefonica.


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