Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a renowned global leader in IT services, consulting, and business solutions, has unveiled TCS AI WisdomNextTM. This groundbreaking platform consolidates various Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) services into a unified interface, empowering organizations to swiftly embrace next-generation technologies at scale, while also reducing costs and adhering to regulatory frameworks.

With its pioneering features, this platform eliminates obstacles for customers in developing and launching business solutions, facilitating real-time experimentation across vendor, internal, and open-source LLM models.

AI and GenAI offer extensive applications throughout businesses’ value chains. However, solution designers worldwide often face challenges in selecting, experimenting, and deciding on the most suitable foundational models to employ.

Given that foundational models continually evolve, each model presents distinct capabilities in terms of usage mode, cost, and effectiveness. According to TCS’ AI for Business Study, a comprehensive survey on AI’s impact on businesses, business executives generally view AI’s impact positively but express uncertainty about the transformation journey.

TCS AI WisdomNext addresses these concerns by aiding businesses in selecting the appropriate models and simplifying the design of new business solutions using GenAI tools. Moreover, it facilitates the reuse of existing components to expedite the design process.

TCS AI WisdomNext stands out as an integrated enterprise AI orchestration platform, boasting a range of features including:

  • Preconfigured industry solution blueprints
  • Intelligent ‘evaluator bots’ facilitating comparison of available GenAI models and related technology stack choices, empowering organizations to make well-informed decisions
  • Scenarios designed to optimize GenAI running costs through the platform’s inherent intelligence
  • Centralized governance with built-in guardrails ensuring compliance with local regulations and best practices
  • Seamless portability across cloud platforms and GenAI ecosystems
  • Ability to construct hyper-personalized experiences, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

Siva Ganesan, Head of TCS AI.Cloud Unit, highlights TCS AI WisdomNext’s role in leveraging GenAI for clients, driving innovation and efficiency. Examples include aiding a US outdoor advertising company with real-time inventory and a UK bank with a smart mortgage assistant. Scott Kessler, EVP and CIO, sees it as a tool to elevate enterprise knowledge and enhance efficiency in their grocery organization.


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