LONDON | MUMBAI : Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS) has unveiled its latest initiative, the Pace Port, situated in the heart of London, designed to drive and expedite innovation-led growth in the United Kingdom while assisting businesses in bringing innovation to fruition.

Located strategically in London’s core, the TCS Pace Port Innovation Hub is poised to emerge as a vibrant nucleus for pioneering technology, research, and development in the region. Drawing upon TCS’s vast expertise in technology-driven business transformation, the hub is positioned to ignite the adoption of innovation-centric solutions. These solutions encompass emerging technologies aimed at empowering UK businesses to navigate a volatile market landscape, address evolving business demands, and stimulate growth. The Pace Port is dedicated to fostering innovation across various industries, government priorities, and critical national infrastructure, thereby nurturing an ecosystem of experiences.

Amit Kapur, Head of UK & Ireland at TCS, remarked, “UK businesses are dedicated to embracing technology and digital solutions to revamp their business and operational models. Establishing our global network of Pace Ports in London will provide an environment conducive to collaboration, innovation, and growth, allowing UK businesses to leverage cutting-edge technology, collaborate across industry boundaries, and expand into ecosystem models. The establishment of TCS Pace Port London underscores TCS’s steadfast commitment to fueling innovation, catalyzing economic growth, and contributing to the advancement of the United Kingdom.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerges as a pivotal technology for many businesses, with TCS already advising UK and Irish businesses on adoption strategies. According to a recent TCS survey involving over 100 corporates in the UK and Ireland, 41% of businesses in the region are either predominantly AI-driven or well-positioned to integrate and leverage AI capabilities and benefits. With over a third (37%) of UK and Irish executives anticipating daily interaction with Generative AI within the next three years, the imperative for a strategic approach to AI becomes increasingly urgent. As a co-innovation hub, our London Pace Port will equip UK businesses with the requisite tools and expertise to formulate refined digital and AI strategies, thereby supporting the UK government’s aspiration to lead the AI race while accelerating innovation-led growth in the region.

Marc Hardwick, Senior Research Director at TechMarketView, emphasized, “Enterprises across industries are seeking avenues to swiftly adopt AI and Gen AI to enhance their competitive edge. At such a juncture, they require a partner with profound expertise in this technology and the requisite infrastructure to explore new use cases, experiment, and implement optimal proofs of concept at scale. TCS aims to leverage its deep AI competence, along with other next-gen technologies, at its new Pace Port in London. Significantly, TCS is establishing the center to serve as a hub for co-innovation not only with clients but also with the broader ecosystem, including academia, startups, and technology firms. The Pace Port is poised to be immensely beneficial for TCS’s customers, enabling them to drive innovation at scale and with greater consistency.”

Harrick Vin, Chief Technology Officer at TCS, highlighted, “Our state-of-the-art Pace Port London will foster a collaborative ecosystem, leveraging TCS’s intellectual property, technology expertise, and Co-Innovation Network (COIN), encompassing experts from startups, research institutions, and academia in the UK. This collaborative framework will facilitate co-innovation and co-creation of solutions tailored for UK businesses. The launch of Pace Port London represents the next phase in our ongoing endeavor to empower our clients to innovate rapidly and at scale.”

TCS’s global Pace innovation methodologies, coupled with its research, intellectual property, Co-Innovation Network, and skilled team of experts, will support organizations in the region in materializing innovations and launching new digital products and services swiftly and effectively. The innovation hub will aid UK businesses in exploring future possibilities, developing scenarios and novel propositions, enhancing innovation capabilities, designing superior customer experiences, creating new offerings, exploring ecosystem business models, executing AI and Generative AI projects, devising innovation strategies, and refining innovation operating models.

London marks the seventh addition to TCS’s global Pace network, following Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Pittsburgh, Toronto, and Tokyo. TCS remains committed to nurturing local talent and upskilling the workforce, with the London Pace Port offering programs and initiatives to attract and cultivate skilled professionals, providing them with opportunities for continuous learning and professional advancement.

TCS’s investment in the UK underscores its dedication to bolstering the British economy and local communities. The Pace Port is poised not only to generate employment opportunities but also to foster innovation, aligning with the UK government’s vision of positioning the nation as a global technology leader.

With a presence in the UK spanning over 45 years, TCS collaborates with more than 200 of the country’s most prominent businesses, including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Aviva, Sainsbury’s, Nationwide, Phoenix Group, M&S, M&G, Asda, and Boots. TCS ranks among the leading providers of software and IT services to the UK market by revenue. The company currently employs over 23,000 professionals in the UK and Ireland, solidifying its position as one of the region’s largest IT employers. TCS has been recognized as the top IT service provider for customer satisfaction in the UK, according to an independent survey of CIOs from the country’s largest IT spending organizations.


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