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Andhra Pradesh : Flue Cured Virginia (FCV) Tobacco is mainly produced in India in 2 states, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Currently crop season is going in Andhra Pradesh, which has 42,915 FCV tobacco growers and auctions are going on in Karnataka which has 39,552 FCV tobacco growers.

  • Between December 3rd and 5th, 2023, Cyclone MICHAUNG brought heavy rains to Andhra Pradesh. The FCV (Flue-Cured Virginia) tobacco crop in several districts including Eluru, East Godavari, Kakinada, Prakasam, Nellore, Bapatla, Palnadu, and Guntur suffered severe damage as a result of these cyclonic rains. Approximately 20% of the total planted area, accounting for 14,730 hectares out of 75,355 hectares, was affected by the heavy rainfall. The FCV tobacco crop endured various issues such as crop washing out, standing crop drowning, waterlogging, and subsequent wilting.
  • To alleviate the difficulties faced by FCV tobacco growers in Andhra Pradesh, the Government of India has authorized an interest-free loan of Rs 10,000 from the Grower Welfare Fund of the Tobacco Board to the grower members whose crops were damaged by Cyclone MICHAUNG. This loan, applicable for the Andhra Pradesh Crop Season 2023-24 exclusively, is a one-time provision. The interest-free loan amount will be recuperated from the respective tobacco growers’ auction sale proceeds during the 2023-24 Andhra Pradesh crop season.

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