Toronto : Intellect Design Arena Ltd, a cloud-native, forward-looking Financial Technology company serving the world’s leading banks, credit unions, and insurance firms, announces a groundbreaking partnership with Vancity, Canada’s largest community credit union.

This seven-year agreement will see Vancity leveraging Intellect’s Digital Engagement Platform (DEP) for Retail & SME digital experiences, alongside Contextual Banking Experience (CBX) for Commercial digital operations.

With more than 570,000 members and $35.5 billion in assets under administration, Vancity aims to redefine the digital landscape for Retail, SME, and Commercial members through this collaboration.

The transformation will encompass engagement across Onboarding, Account Services (Current & Savings Accounts), Payments & Transfers, Cards, Digital Lending, and Back Office functionalities. The deployment of DEP and CBX will occur on a fully managed cloud platform, marking a strategic shift towards scalable and secure digital member interactions.

Integrated with, DEP, and CBX, Vancity will revolutionize its service offerings. Members can expect seamless retail and SME onboarding experiences, with retail onboarding completed in minutes and SME onboarding in a day. The platform enables comprehensive banking and lifestyle services, including personal financial management and social banking, catering to evolving member needs.

Moreover, Vancity will leverage a versatile toolkit to design and deploy user journeys swiftly and without coding, ensuring agility in meeting member expectations. The initiative includes intelligent dashboards that provide a holistic view of member portfolios, offering actionable insights for enhanced service delivery and member satisfaction. This strategic approach underscores Vancity’s commitment to delivering scalable, secure, and personalized digital experiences.



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