Datamatics, a prominent global Digital Technologies, Operations, and Experiences Company, has unveiled the pricing for its highly anticipated GenAI version of TruCap+ Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) product. This announcement positions Datamatics as one of the pioneers in the IDP software domain, offering transparent and accessible pricing for its GenAI version, thereby providing customers with precise and predictable expenditure for utilizing GenAI technology. The GenAI version of TruCap+ was launched by Datamatics in November 2023 and is now available to all its customers.

Datamatics TruCap+ is an AI-powered IDP software designed to automate data extraction from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents. With AI at its core, TruCap+ facilitates a template-free approach, delivering higher straight-through processing (STP) rates with exceptional accuracy. TruCap+ features an intuitive user interface (UI) to provide business users with a compelling user experience (UX). Its cloud-based architecture enables TruCap+ to scale on demand while adhering to enterprise-grade standards for security, reliability, and integration. The recently introduced TruCap+ GenAI version enables customers to harness the power of GenAI at an accessible price point, ensuring quicker deployment, reduced training time, and lower maintenance costs.

TruCap+ GenAI is particularly suitable for handling complex and unstructured documents such as legal documents, financial statements, medical images, drawings, graphs, emails, etc. Additionally, it allows customers to query and analyze extracted data using natural language querying features. TruCap+ GenAI proves to be beneficial, especially when there is insufficient data to train AI models and customers require rapid turnaround times.

Mitul Mehta, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer at Datamatics, emphasized, “TruCap+ leverages Artificial Intelligence at its core. Both versions of TruCap+ incorporate AI features that make them exceptionally powerful and tailored for distinct use cases. While the classic version of TruCap+ is well-suited for semi-structured documents with moderate complexity, TruCap+ GenAI excels with highly complex and unstructured documents, particularly when businesses need to go live faster.” He continued, “We take pride in leading the industry with transparent and accessible pricing for the GenAI version of TruCap+, empowering our customers to strategically plan their automation initiatives without fear of exceeding budgets, all while harnessing the transformative benefits of GenAI technology.”

Datamatics has also integrated GenAI capabilities into its RPA product, TruBot. This integration offers customers several advantages, including enhanced developer productivity, quicker deployment, cost savings in bot development and maintenance, and support for natural language interaction. Datamatics offers GenAI-powered TruBot at no additional cost to all its existing customers.


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