The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited, a prominent entity in the power sector, has undertaken a significant initiative by awarding order for the supply and erection of essential components for the Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) at the Sagardighi Thermal Power Project. This project, situated within the heart of West Bengal, stands as a crucial pillar in the state’s energy infrastructure, catering to the growing demands for electricity with reliability and efficiency. With a focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness, the refurbishment of ESP fields signifies a commitment to reducing emissions and ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory standards.

As a domestic entity, the corporation exemplifies local expertise and commitment to regional development, bolstering the state’s energy security and economic growth. The project’s timeframe of six months underscores the urgency and dedication to timely completion, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to communities and industries alike. With a base value of INR 9.53 Crores plus GST at 18%, the scale of investment and resources allocated signifies the magnitude and importance of this endeavor. Crucially, the absence of disclosed affiliations between the promoter, promoter group, or group companies and the entity awarding the contract underscores a commitment to transparency and fairness in the procurement process, instilling trust and confidence in stakeholders and the wider community.


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