Gensol Engineering Limited (BSE: 542851, NSE: GENSOL), a prominent player in solar power EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) services and electric mobility, has announced the successful execution of a significant 10.6 MWp rooftop solar project for Trident Limited in Madhya Pradesh. This accomplishment signifies a major milestone for both companies, showcasing Gensol’s proficiency in sustainable energy solutions and advancing Trident Limited towards its clean energy objectives.

The project incorporates high-efficiency Bi-facial solar modules, strategically selected to optimize energy production and ensure long-term reliability. This innovative approach aligns closely with India’s ambitious renewable energy objectives and contributes substantially to the establishment of a robust green energy infrastructure.

With nearly 20,000 solar panels, this expansive rooftop solar installation is anticipated to generate sufficient clean energy to offset approximately 11,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually. By significantly reducing its dependence on fossil fuels for electricity generation, Trident Limited demonstrates remarkable environmental stewardship and makes a significant contribution to a cleaner future. This initiative sets a compelling precedent for other industries, fostering a path towards a more sustainable world powered by solar energy.

Ali Imran Naqvi, CEO (EPC Business) at Gensol, commented on the successful commissioning of the project, stating, “This project ranks among the top five largest rooftop solar ventures globally, covering a rooftop area exceeding 70,000 square meters. This substantial undertaking underscores Gensol’s dedication to innovative solutions and our capability to execute large-scale projects efficiently. We are honored to collaborate with Trident Limited on this achievement, positioning them as a leader in sustainable manufacturing and setting a noteworthy example for industries worldwide.”

Through meticulous design and execution, Gensol maximized the available rooftop space at Trident’s Budhni plant, ensuring optimal harnessing and utilization of solar energy.

The successful implementation of this project underscores the transformative impact of collaboration between industry leaders. By embracing clean energy solutions such as rooftop solar, Trident takes significant strides towards environmental responsibility and mitigates its carbon footprint.


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