London, United Kingdom : Infosys (NSE, BSE, NYSE: INFY), a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, has announced the extension of its digital innovation partnership with the ATP Tour until 2026. This three-year renewal will leverage Infosys’ expertise in digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Cloud to enhance the fan experience and elevate player performance in professional tennis.

Since its inception in 2015, the collaboration between Infosys and ATP has yielded numerous digital assets, including the transformation of the ATP PlayerZone intranet portal, the launch of the groundbreaking ATP Tour fan app, and the integration of AI-driven features through Infosys Topaz within the Infosys ATP Stats Center. These platforms have revolutionized live match viewing and tennis data analysis, resulting in a significant increase in traffic on the ATP website’s stats section year-on-year. With over 5.7 million digital engagements from fans worldwide, the platforms offer rich content such as rally analysis, 3D visualizations, stroke summaries, and point-by-point insight tools. Building on this success, Infosys and ATP are poised to introduce new AI and data-powered innovations to personalize experiences for both players and fans.

Furthermore, Infosys and ATP have made a meaningful impact on society through initiatives like the ATP Carbon Tracker, designed to monitor and offset the carbon footprint of players. In 2023 alone, over 200 ATP players actively engaged with the platform, tracking 6.55 million kilometers of travel. This pioneering sustainable sports innovation aligns with ATP’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2040, demonstrating the power of technology to drive positive change within the sports industry.

Daniele Sano, ATP Chief Business Officer, expressed enthusiasm about the renewal of the partnership with Infosys until 2026, stating, “We’re thrilled to renew our partnership with Infosys until 2026. Over the years, Infosys’ expertise in AI, technology, and sustainability has yielded groundbreaking digital innovations that have elevated experiences for players and fans, and also grown the global tennis fan base. Through the ATP Carbon Tracker, Infosys helped us navigate a difficult challenge and inspire greener choices for tomorrow. We’re excited to further leverage Infosys’ expertise across the digital landscape of men’s professional tennis over the next three years.”


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