Bangalore, India : Subex Limited, renowned for its expertise in telecom AI solutions that enhance connected experiences, announces a significant deal with a prominent telecom operator in Southeast Asia. This agreement entails the deployment of Subex’s cutting-edge Business Assurance and Fraud Management solutions on HyperSense, marking a milestone in the longstanding partnership between Subex and the operator. Building on the successful implementation of ROC Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management systems over two decades, this collaboration underscores the operator’s commitment to becoming a leading telecom tech company driving digitalization in the region.

The operator’s vision to evolve into a future-ready telecom leader in the era of 5G, AI, and IoT is bolstered by its partnership with Subex. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, the operator aims to deliver superior connectivity and enterprise solutions. By embracing Subex’s AI-based solutions, the operator seeks to elevate its assurance capabilities, mitigate risks across various domains, and enhance operational efficiency. This proactive approach ensures readiness to tackle current and emerging challenges in the dynamic 5G landscape, fostering rapid innovation and growth in the digital ecosystem.

The deployment of Subex’s solutions introduces advanced AI and ML technologies for early risk detection and automated fraud management. It promises unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in handling vast data volumes, thereby optimizing operational efficiency and reducing TCO. Moreover, the unified platform facilitates seamless communication and offers customizable solutions tailored to the operator’s specific needs, enabling effective coverage of new business lines and assurance areas.

This collaboration signifies a strategic alignment of business and IT objectives, paving the way for future resilience and innovation. Through proactive risk management and prevention capabilities, the operator is poised to emerge as a trusted provider of digital lifestyle solutions and services, driving innovation and excellence in the telecom industry. Nisha Dutt, CEO of Subex, expresses enthusiasm for this transformative journey, emphasizing Subex’s commitment to supporting the operator’s vision and fostering meaningful connected experiences. This enduring partnership signifies a strategic leap towards operational efficiency, excellence, and leadership in the digital telecom realm.


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