KP Green Engineering Limited has announced the confirmation of new orders from multiple clients amounting to ₹351.35 crores. These orders include ₹212.38 crores for solar projects involving fixed tilt module mounting structures and the supply of tracker-type module mounting structures and parts.

The company also secured ₹79.51 crores for transmission line towers, covering 220 kV to 400 kV tower material and 33 kV and 66 kV substation equipment structures, hardware, cable trays, GI strip material, and GI structures for isolators.

Additionally, ₹2.49 crores were allocated for 220 kV, 66 kV, and 33 kV isolators. The projects segment received ₹52.54 crores for a 180 MW pooling substation project and 33 kV line supply.

Furthermore, ₹4.24 crores were designated for crash barriers for railway track fencing, and ₹0.19 crores for ladder cable trays and cable trays, bringing the total to ₹351.35 crores.


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