Antara, a comprehensive provider of lifestyle and lifecare solutions for seniors and a part of the $4 billion Max Group, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) to collaborate on offerings specifically tailored for seniors.

As per Antara, India has experienced a significant increase in life expectancy over recent decades, leading to a growing elderly population due to improved living conditions and advancements in healthcare. With age, mobility-related disabilities, hearing and visual impairments become more common.

Recognizing these challenges, Antara has partnered with IIT Delhi to conduct research and develop solutions for seniors. This collaboration will involve various projects, including the creation of mobility-assisting physical products and cognitive enhancement games to delay the onset of Dementia.

The collaboration will involve knowledge transfer, research consultancy, Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDPs), and the utilization of laboratories. It aims to develop inclusive design solutions to address safety, independence, cognition, and communication issues for the elderly population. One notable project involves designing a walking aid tailored for seniors.

Antara’s extensive research, including surveys and interviews with elderly individuals, revealed a preference for mobility aids offering intermittent rest options. This insight has led to the conceptualization of a new mobility aid designed to address these specific needs through inclusive design solutions.

Prof. Preeti Ranjan Panda, Dean of Corporate Relations at IIT Delhi, emphasized the importance of addressing the needs of senior citizens and highlighted the aim of creating innovative solutions to enhance their quality of life through mobility aid products.

Ishaan Khanna, CEO of Antara Assisted Care Services, sees this collaboration as a natural progression towards providing comprehensive solutions for seniors, building upon Antara’s decade-long experience. This partnership with IIT Delhi will leverage technology and research to co-create innovative solutions addressing the lifestyle and lifecare needs of seniors, empowering them to lead dignified and autonomous lives.


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