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India : In February 2024, NCC Limited secured two new orders totaling ₹476.01 Crores (excluding GST). Among these, one order worth ₹1303.70 Crores pertains to the Transportation Division. This particular order, valued at ₹1303.70 Crores, represents NCC’s share (50%) of a larger order amounting to ₹2607.39 Crores received by the J.Kumar-NCC Joint Venture. The second order, amounting to ₹172.31 Crores, is associated with the Building Division. These orders were obtained from State Government agencies and do not include any internal orders.

The contracts awarded, detailed in the enclosure, need to be executed within a time span of 12 to 42 months from the date of award, and it’s important to note that the Promoters, Promoter Group, or any affiliated Group Companies do not have any interest in the entities that have awarded the project to NCC, thus these transactions do not fall under the category of “Related Party Transactions.”


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