Poland : Rishabh Instruments Limited’s Material Subsidiary, Lumel S.A., located in Zielona Gora, Poland, has been awarded a project to develop innovative control and protection devices for strategic areas of the energy industry.

  • The project also involves the development of innovative technology for their production, utilizing a fully automated production process and ensuring quality control of devices.
  • This initiative is supported by European Funds for a Modern Economy Program, Priority 1, under proposals FENG.01.01-IP.01-003E/23 and FENG.01.01-IP.01-001/23 – SMART Path. The project is scheduled to be executed over the next three years.
  • This project, titled “Development of Innovative Control and Protection Devices for Strategic Areas of the Energy Industry and Innovative Technology for Their Production, Utilizing a Fully Automated Production Process and Quality Control of Devices,” has a total cost of 371.18 Million INR, of which the eligible cost is 307.53 Million INR, with a subsidy amounting to 128.21 Million INR.

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